Sri Siva Krishna Temple ஸ்ரீ சிவ கிருஷ்ண ஆலயம்

A temple with a unique combination of two very important Hindu Deities - Lord Siva and Lord Krishna (the avatar of Lord Vishnu) as one.
There are many other deities in the temple too


Quite calm place for prayer. Having many god idols you would see any Singapore temple/South Indian temple. You may do Pooja to Siva lingam particularly in the month of Karthika. There is even a Buddha idol as well. There is a mandap for other activities such as yoga and dance classes which happen regularly.

Ghanta Siva RajeshGoogle Review

The temple has one of the biggest sanctum in Singapore. If you really take your time and view the beauty of how it's constructed with so many statues around the main hall is mesmerizing. A very nice feeling after visiting the temple everytime. As this is the very first temple I've been since the day I was born. Kinda has lots of memories. It was situated in Sembawang very long back before relocating in Marsiling.

Prakash KolandaiGoogle Review

Special temple with half Sivan and half Krishna idol. Must visit place for a true pilgrim. Sanctum over head roof is decorated with a large lotus which is good. The huge tirupathi Balaji statue is magnificent

Vijaykumar ChockalingamGoogle Review

Temple is nice. Parking at the HDB carpark beside the temple is convenient. Temple is small but just nice for the small crowd. Overall a nice place of worship

Achuthan BhaskaranGoogle Review

Vibrant Indian temple. Devotee's of this temple donated blood and supported many blood camps organized by red cross. Saved many lives. Yoga ,dance classes used to be held here. Be blessed by the Divine!

V K VarathanGoogle Review

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